Empowering people

Ingredients to earn on your terms

At Instacart, we’re committed to creating a world where everyone has access to the food they love and more time to enjoy it together. We accomplish this by building a community that cares deeply about serving customers and working closely with our retail partners. Whether it’s in-store shoppers who pick and fulfill customer orders at local retailers, full-service shoppers who shop and deliver to customers’ doorsteps, or employees who support everything behind the scenes, we all contribute in different ways to our common vision for the families and communities we serve. Because we value what each person brings to the table, we provide flexible opportunities to work and offer a range of competitive pay and perks across our community.

Perks and offerings

Work is just one of the ingredients in a full life. We believe in supporting our Instacart community and their families’ overall health and wellness to support their whole life. We offer a range of benefits, perks and offerings depending on one’s role in delivering the Instacart experience – all aimed at attracting and retaining people committed to our mission.

For our more than 600,000 shoppers, these include access to a free health savings account (HSA) to help set aside funds for healthcare expenses, along with discounts or savings on wellness products, gasoline, cell phone plans, roadside assistance, auto service and warranties, and more.

For in-store shoppers and employees alike, we support their personal growth and development by investing in their training and education. This ranges from free access to a robust library of lessons on valuable ways to hone shopping skills to help navigating student loan repayment. We also provide various discounts and recognition programs.

Fostering a culture of belonging

We welcome everyone in the Instacart community as they are and celebrate the unique paths and experiences that have brought them to our table. At Instacart, Diversity, Equity, and Belonging encompasses everything from increasing representation, cultivating belonging, and developing talent, to social impact initiatives that nurture our communities, and product design that enables access to everyone, all while uplifting brands from historically underrepresented owners. We prioritize a race, ethnicity and gender equity-focused approach to achieve parity in our systems and processes.

Our employee resource groups

At Instacart, we welcome you just as you are — we celebrate
unique paths and experiences that have brought you to our table.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are an integral part of what makes Instacart a great place to work. They serve as a catalyst to drive connection and create empowering spaces for many communities within Instacart. Our ERGs help create a more inclusive culture and business, and amplify the voices of employees with shared identities and experiences across the company.

Nightshades’ mission is to build a more inclusive culture by attracting, retaining and growing Black Instacart employees. We seek to encourage growth and community amongst Instacart’s Black employees. We are dedicated to building an inclusive environment that reflects the communities we serve by increasing the ratio of Black employees at Instacart and supporting and developing those who are already here.

Women@ is committed to attracting, retaining and growing those who identify as women at Instacart through career development, community engagement, and internal culture building. We operate through five pillars: Culture, Community, Commerce, Career, and Member Engagement.

Advocates@’s mission is to strengthen the Instacart community by celebrating and uplifting diverse voices through programming focused on diversity training, development, and social impact. We recognize that we all have the power to be advocates and that advocacy is a muscle that we must continue to build with collaboration, growth, learning, and action.

Asians@’s mission is to celebrate, empower and provide support to all Asian identifying employees at Instacart. We strive to foster an inclusive community that advocates for and celebrates all Asian cultures.

Rainbow Carrots are dedicated to celebrating the rich history and diversity of the LGBTQ+ community, driving improvements in the workplace and providing support and opportunities for our LGBTQ+ employees.

Sazón’s mission is to power the recruiting, hiring, and retention of Latinx employees at Instacart and support their professional development.

Parents@ aims to support every parent within the Instacart family through social events, community building, employee development, and educating the company at large about life as a parent.


We seek to encourage growth and community amongst Instacart’s employees with disabilities. We are dedicated to building an inclusive environment and product that reflects the communities we serve by increasing the ratio of employees living with all kinds of disabilities at Instacart, and supporting the development of those who are already here.


Military@ is a community dedicated to embracing the proud culture of active duty military, veterans, their families, and all those who support them at Instacart. By bringing together our unique backgrounds of military service, the group aims to harness its shared strengths and experience to better serve Instacart, its shoppers, and communities across the country.